Travel Tales of Tiny Fashionista – Paris

Ready to live the life of a fashionista?

Travel with Adriana to the incredible city of Paris, where a world of fashion, adventure, and fun awaits!

Who is this Tiny Fashionista?

True Fashion Girl

Adriana is probably the girliest girl you’ve ever met. She loves clothes, shopping, and looking like the most fabulous person in the room. She even has a magic purse that lets her travel wherever she wants!

Fashionista's Accessories

Adriana's Magic Purse

This is the exact magic purse Adriana has! The one that lets her travel wherever she wants!

What happened to Adriana in Paris?

Exploring The World With Adriana

When Adriana takes a trip to Paris, she learns valuable life lessons along the way: how important it is to be kind, what it means to be grateful, the power of selfless love, and how some good old-fashioned bravery and a little curiosity can go beyond anyone’s imagination!

Fashionista's Accessories

Adriana's Coloring Book

Explore even more places with Adriana and give them your own colors!

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