Something Very Special About Our Accessories

Delicate, sophisticated, and just very-very sweet! Our handmade accessories are made to be unique. Ranging from beautiful peonies with each petal carefully painted by hand to darling garden roses that look so real you would want to touch them!

How to pick the best accessory for you or your daughter.

Ask yourself if you would like accessory to compliment the outfit you are wearing or serve as an accent. If you are choosing to complement the outfits pick the accessory with the same color family/tone/shade. If you are looking for an accessory that will serve as an accent, choose a color and shape that will stand out. For example, a pink or purple accessory will create the perfect contrast for an all white outfit. We love how adorable purple bow ties look on our boy models!

Our hard-shell headbands are comfortable and would fit most girls, teens, and adults. Soft hairpieces for baby girls and girls will comfortably fit even adults as they are very stretchy.

Here are some of the adorable accessories we offer.